Hyperloop Transport Alignment Modelling -A Concept Outlook

Mr. Vishwas J S
Assistant Professor

Project Description The project was Nominated to one of the most admired awards recognition in Infrastructure Industry from Bentley Institute. The Project of Hyperloop was selected to publish in the Corporate Book, Which consisted of 500+ Infrastructure Projects done and executed from Top Multi National Companies across the Globe. Project Outlook The Bangalore Tumkur Corridor of National Highway, is one of the heavily Loaded traffic Connection with Passangers and Frieght Moment. The Whole Corridor has 63% of Passangers moment across the corridor whereas 37% of Frieght moment is observed through Origin Destination Studies. To improve the passangers moment in a more effective, sustainable and at Faster face, Concept of Hyperloop was Introduced to random sampling through softwares design and optimzation. Link to Project: https://www.yearininfrastructure-digital.com/yearininfrastructure/year_in_infrastructure_2019/MobilePagedReplica.action?pm=2&folio=178#pg178