Dr. Dinkar Sitaram


29 years

Computer Science


Qualification Institution Year
PhD University of Wisconsin 1984

Designation Institution From To
Professor IBM TJ Watson Center, New York 1984 1997
Director Advanced Technology Group, Novell 1997 2001
CTO and Andiamo Fellow Andiamo Software 2001 2004
Chief Technologist HP Systems Technology and Software Division 2004 2012
Professor,Head Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data Dept of Computer Science and Engineering 2012 2019

Additional Information
  • Dr. Dinkar Sitaram completed his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His research interests include scheduling and sustainable resource allocation policies for hybrid clouds and cloud computing, as well as speech recognition and intelligent big data systems. He has authored 2 books – ‘Moving to the Cloud – Developing Apps in the New World of Cloud Computing’ published by American Elsevier; and ‘Multimedia Servers’ published by Morgan Kaufman. He has authored over 30 patents and 45 publications. He was awarded the IBM Corporate Innovation Award. He has served as CTO of Novell Software, as CTO of Andiamo Systems and also as CTO of STSD (R&D Wing of HP, India) prior to joining PES University.
  • Recipient of IBM Corporate Award for work on IBM Multimedia server
  • Recipient of IBM Research Division Awards, several IBM patent awards
  • Recipient of Novell Employee of the Year Award
  • Recipient of outstanding paper award at ACM Multimedia'94 conference
  • Member of Steering Committee for IEEE/ACM HiPC conference
  • General chair for IEEE Foundations of Big Data Workshop held with HiPC
  • Chairman of Standards and Interoperability Working Group at Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India
  • Member of HP Enterprise Servers and Storage CTO Forum 2004 onwards
  • Co-chair for HP Asia TechCon 2006
  • Member of Program Committee for HP TechCon 2005, TechCon 2007 and TechCon 2008
  • Received JB-National Science Talent Search Merit Award during undergraduate studies

Expertise / list of subjects handled
  • Teaching Cloud Computing and Big Data to undergraduate students
  • Guiding 5 PhD students
Research Interest
  • Working in areas of Machine Learning applied to Computer Systems
  • Head of research activities at Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data with 11 faculty and PhD students

  • Author of book on Cloud Computing “Moving to the Cloud” published by American Elsevier
  • Author of book “Multimedia Servers” published by Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco

  • Granted US Patents G06F001208 20040525 IBM, Sieved caching for increasing data rate capacity of a heterogeneous striping group G06F000306 20010424 IBM , Method and system for load balancing by replicating a portion of a file being read by a first stream onto second device and reading portion with a second stream capable of accessing G06F001212 20000711 IBM, Fileserver buffer manager based on file access operation statistics H04N0007173 20000404 IBM, Recording observed and reported response characteristics at server and/or client nodes in a replicated data environment, and selecting a server to provide data based on the observed and/or reported response characteristics G06F001118 19990202 IBM, System for providing custom functionality to client systems by redirecting of messages through a user configurable filter network having a plurality of partially interconnected filters G06F000306 19980915 IBM, Load balancing in servers by allocating buffer to streams with successively larger buffer requirements until the buffer requirements of a stream cannot be satisfied G06F000100 19981020 IBM, Support for portable trusted software G06F000306 19980901 IBM , System for load balancing by replicating portion of file while being read by first stream onto second device and reading portion with stream capable of accessing H04N000500 19980728 IBM, Disk caching system for selectively providing interval caching or segment caching of vided data H04N0007173 19980616 IBM, Channel conservation for anticipated load surge in video servers G06F000950 19980616 IBM , Method for determining load capacity by grouping physical components into logical components whose loads represent fixed proportional loads of physical components G06F000306 19961105 IBM, Buffer management policy for an on-demand video server G06F000306 19960806 IBM, Load balancing in video-on-demand servers by allocating buffer to streams with successively larger buffer requirements until the buffer requirements of a stream cannot be satisfied H04N0007173 19961001 IBM, Pace control for multicasting in a video server environment G06F000306 19960625 IBM, Online placement of video files determined by a function of the bandwidth to space ratio of each of the storage devices in a server environment H04N0007173 19950926 IBM, Scheduling policies with grouping for providing VCR control functions in a video server