Values and Ethics

Dr. Murthy K N B
Vice Chancellor

UNDERSTANDING OF VALUES AND ETHICS VALUES – Values are things that one believes in and are important for guiding one’s life and work. They are beliefs that define what is acceptable and what is not to an individual or an organization. They are beliefs that we live by. Values such as honesty, integrity, truth, and punctuality define desirable behavior in a society. In addition to such personal values, organizations may have values such as gender equality, equal opportunity for all and meritocracy that define what they stand for. Most values are set within the context of culture and history. Organizational values are usually set by the founders and reflect their importance for what they believe in. PES University has chosen Perseverance, Excellence and Service as its core values and strives to work towards imbibing these core values among its staff and students in their day-to-day activities in the University. Perseverance means that we do not give up the goals we have set for ourselves, no matter how difficult it may seem to achieve, no matter whether we fail sometimes. We just get up, dust ourselves off and try again … and again …and again, learning and improving every single time. Excellence means that it is not enough if we provide good education. We value excellence in the quality of education. In everything we do, we should strive towards creating a benchmark – be it teaching, research, learning, assessment, facilities or any academic activity in the University. Service means that the education is one path to serve the society. We should never forget the larger picture of service to society while we provide excellent education. The society around us is the ultimate stakeholder in the pursuit of our vision. Service to the society through education and creating valuable citizens of tomorrow is our ultimate goal. Let us, now, see how and why values become important as well as Why they are useful? Values provide the ability to judge, discriminate and decide what is good and even more importantly what is bad so that goodness wards off the bad. A few rules will have to be evolved to tell us what is less or more important and things that have intrinsic worth. The rules by which we make decisions about right and wrong, Do’s and Don’ts, should and shouldn’t, good and bad. Many such uses could be derived from possessing or pursuing such values through these rules. In other words these rules could be principles, standards and qualities that are considered desirable to be useful to the self and to others. In simple terms, to do good, one has to be good. The value has influence on attitude and behavior of an individual. It is a force affecting behavior having a discriminatory or judgmental component, help differentiation and promote retention. In summary, values lead to beliefs, beliefs lead to perceptions, perceptions lead to attitude and attitudes form the personality and personality leads to behavior. So the starting point for a desirable personality is value. ETHICS – Ethic is an ancient Greek word pertaining to one’s idea of right and wrong. When ethics is engraved as a code, ethical behavior springs up. What is embedded gets into practice as ethical behavior. Ethical behavior therefore becomes strong foundation of trust. A person with ethics obviously therefore becomes trustworthy. People can trust persons with ethics. Trust reinforces relationships and ethical behavior therefore strengthens bonding among people. Similar to a value, ethics also could be at personal, organization and Society levels. Ethical behavior attribute makes an individual strong, a group to flourish and an organization to reckon with. Since ethics tend to be codified into a formal system or set of rules to follow they could also be explicitly adopted by a group of people or professionals. Medical ethics govern medical personnel while Engineering ethics govern engineers and Professional ethics govern professionals. Professional ethics takes people to a high moral platform and motivates others to look up to them. Often ethical behavior leads to innate strength and moral correctness. PES University has incorporated “Understanding of Values and Ethics” in its mission statement.