Mr. Ranjan Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor

Prof. Ranjan Chaudhuri is a graduate from Nagpur University, Maharashtra. Prof. Chaudhuri started his career in as a training officer in NTTF (India) Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, before moving to the academic field of education. Before joining PESIT in 1999 . Prof. Chaudhuri worked as a faculty in NEC , Bangalore Prof. Chaudhuri has extensive experience in the field of teaching a variety of subjects ranging from Digital electronics to Wireless communication. Prof Chaudhuri has handled hands on sessions on vocational courses like Tv servicing, DiY DVD player. He has also conducted practical courses on IPOD for students. Prof Chaudhuri has expertise in multi layer PCB design, embedded systems. His areas of interest include Wireless communication systems, embedded systems, PCB design.

Electronics & Communications

Qualification Institution Year
  • Wipro turbo coordinator
  • Class Incharge
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Lab Incharge
  • Test Coordinator
  • Time table officer
  • Internal quality assurance cell coordinator
  • Project stream head
  • Project coordinator
  • Member anti ragging comittee

Expertise / list of subjects handled
  • Transmission lines & waveguides,Microwave & Radar, Satellite commn, Wireless commn, Linear Integrated circuits, Commn lab, Microwave lab, LIC lab"University relatedRepresented as VTU squad member for university exams Total student dev program: TV servicing, VCD/DVD repairing, conducted self designed program on “Making an IPOD” successively for 3yrs. Paper setter for VTU examsDesign of high freq power inverters Guest Lectures Guest faculty at UVCE,Bangalore for Microwave and Radar, Optical commn lab Conducted robotics workshop for undergraduate students
Research Interest
  • Yammp standalone mp3 player (Bachelor’s thesis project): Design involved implementing USB, ATA-IDE HDD and Ethernet (using an ISA network card) interfaces for a VS1001K mp3 decoder IC using Atmel's ATmega128 micro-controller in addition to the design of a simplistic file-system and porting of a minimal event based TCP/IP stack.
  • Design and fabrication of EBG antenna.
  • Design of hardware debugger based on CC2511F32 TI chip Implemented a prototype wireless audio solution for Saka Infotech.
  • Embedded Systems, Hardware debugging, PCB designing,
  • Technical Skills, Atmel's AVR RISC, ARM, Multi layer board design ,