Ms. Rekha S S

Assistant Professor

Obtained BE degree from Bangalore and the M.Tech degree from VTU.

Electronics & Communications

Qualification Institution Year
  • Time Table office
  • NBA co-ordinator
  • class co-ordinator
  • 2 ceridit course co-ordinator
  • TEQIP co-ordinator
  • Squard Member
  • Anti-ragging member
  • Process C0-ordinator
  • Test co-ordinator

Expertise / list of subjects handled
  • Basic Electronis
  • Analog electronics circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electronics circuits -I
  • Electronics circuits -II
  • Linear Integrated circuits
  • VLIS Desing
  • Digatial system Design using VHDL
  • Advance VLSI and Design Methodolgies
  • Advance VLSI
  • CMOS VLSI Design
  • Propabality and Random Process
Research projects (current)
  • National conference : 01
  • Internationl conference: 04

  • ""16B/20B CODEC Development and Its ASIC Implementation""in Future Computer and Communication International Conference,3-5 April 2009,Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, INSPEC Accession Number: 10804597"
  • ""FPGA implementation of scale invariant feature transform"", in Microelectronics, Computing and Communications (MicroCom), 2016 International Conference on 23-25 Jan. 2016, NIT Durgapur, India. INSPEC Accession Number: 16191479"
  • ""Fixed point implementation of trigonometric function using Taylor's series and error characterization"", in Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2016 International Conference on 21-24 Sept. 2016, Jaipur, India, INSPEC Accession Number: 16429788"