Dr. Radhakrishnan S


Science & Humanities

Additional Information
  • Teaching: 16 years
  • R&D: 16 years
  • Industry: 23 years
  • Head Department of Science & Humanities PESIT
  • R & D coordinator Science & Humanities, PESU
  • Member Departmental Curriculum Committee, PESU
  • Guiding PhD students
  • Guiding Undergraduate and Post graduate projects

Research Interest
  • Non-conventional Energy conversion and storage devices
  • Polymer nano composites
  • Electronic devices, Ceramics & Semiconducting materials
  • Thin & Thick films

  • Effect of ferroelectric fillers on the Li ion conduction in PEO polymer composites
  • Field Dependent Conduction in Nano Composite Polymer Electrolyte Systems

  • Impedance and dielectric studies of nano composite polymer electrolyte systems using MMT and ferroelectric fillers
  • Mathematical modeling of field assisted Li ion conduction in nanocomposite solid polymer
  • Field enhanced Li ion conduction in nano ferroelectric modified polymer electrolyte systems
  • Studies on corrosion and corrosion inhibition of annealed 18% NiM250 grade maraging steel in sulphuric acid medium
  • Effects of localized transverse magnetic field on the characteristics of a glow discharge
  • Negative Capacitance in Al –V2O5 – Al devices
  • Space charge limited conduction in thin film V2O5 P2O5 ZnO glasses
  • Role of Chloride ions in the anodic oxidation of Aluminium
  • Switching and negative Capacitance in Al – Ge15Te81Sb2- Al devices
  • Elimination of the beam effect on the channeling dips of Bismuth implanted in Silicon