Dr. Subramaniam K V


Dr. K V Subramaniam has over 15 years of experience in both the software and semiconductor industries. Prior to joining PES University, he served as CTO of Indiverein. His areas of interest are in performance aspects of computing aspects. His experience spans various companies like Novell, Andiamo, Cisco, HP and AMD. He received his Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Computer Science


Additional Information
  • Date of Joining: 10th December, 2014
  • Experience: 15 years
  • Deparment Curriculum Committee Member

Expertise / list of subjects handled
  • 14CS341 - Cloud Computing (Jan 2017) - Undergraduate
  • 16CS551 - High Performance Computing and Architecture (Jan 2017) - Masters
  • 14CS314 - Big Data (Aug 2016)
  • 13CS438 - Big Data (Aug 2016)
  • 15CS341 - Cloud Computing (Jan 2018) - Undergraduate
  • 16CS313 Big Data (Aug 2018) Undergraduate
  • 16CS352 Cloud Computing (Jan 2019) Undergraduate
  • 17CS313 Big Data (Aug 2019) Undergraduate
  • 17CS511 Fundamentals of Scalable Computing (Aug 2017) - Masters
  • 17CS531 Advanced Big Data Analytics (Jan 2018)
  • 18CS511 Fundamentals of Scalable Computing (Aug 2019) - Masters
Research Interest
  • Performance aspects of Cloud and Big Data
  • Swachh Bharat - Analysis
  • IoT streaming analysis (like videos) and security

Research projects (current)
  • Cloud and Big Data Workloads (Sponsored by AMD)
  • Database indexing (NetApp)

Research Guidance
  • 2 PhD Students